Is there a specific MP3 download you want of a song or a podcast? Do you not want to pay for it, or at least not have to pay too much? 

If so, here are a couple of tips to help you find the best site for MP3 downloads, and to be able to get exactly what you want free or at a very low price.

Check out MP3 forums -- There are hundreds of chat rooms and online forums set up for people who create, record, listen to or download MP3s, and they can be superb places for all kinds of information.

Start your search for a good MP3 download site here, as you can not only read about the sites others are recommending, you can ask your own questions about particular sites as well.

Read online magazines -- Many of the online magazines dedicated to MP3 downloads have tons of information about the best places, the worst places, those that are too expensive and those that are very cheap. 

Check out a couple of magazines dedicated to MP3 downloads and see who they are currently recommending. Then head to the sites and check them out.

Tech sites -- You can get some exceptional information about MP3 downloads by visiting tech sites as these types of places are always on top of the newest thing.

If you are looking for MP3 download sites that have a huge selection of MP3s, are easy to navigate, are easy to download from and are either low priced or free, then the tech sites will have some good recommendations for you.

The real secret to finding the best mp3 download sites is to put enough time aside to check out a few of them before starting any downloads.